Some recent links of interest

Here are a few sites that have been of interest the past few weeks:

Dylan Hears A Who – Bob Dylan + Dr. Suess= This free-to-download album. Very unique, very cool..
3.21.07 UPDATE: Looks like the site has been taked down, the page now reads: “At the request of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P, This site has been retired.” Hope you grabbed it, if not you can still find it on any number of p2p sites ([cough]demonoid[cough])

2007 Annual Weblogs Awards – The winners of this years weblog awards. What is a weblog you ask? It’s a time-stamped collection of articles, sayings, pictures, etc.. Broken down by category, this year’s over-all winner was Post Secret, and rightfully so.

Stuck In Customs – Without a doubt, the coolest photography site on the ‘net right now. Most images are from the owner of the site, however that’s perfectly fine with me. A good chunk of his shots utilize a new + somewhat experimental way of photo-developement called HDR. Very cool stuff.

29th Annual UK Booksellers Oddest Title Competition – Aspiring Account Planners are usually advised to start reading odd/wierd books. This is a competition that could definitely fuel that quest as books are judged soley by their titles. Some of this year’s nominees include “How Green Were the Nazis?” and “Proceedings of the 18th International Seaweed Symposium.” Pretty funny.

Title image taken from StuckInCustoms