Sony Playstation – Resistance 2 – Twisted History Trailer

Not far behind last weeks Mercenaries 2 spot comes the new trailer for Sony Playstation’s first person shooter Resistance 2.

Not much to comment on this trailer other than “amazing!” It’s a video game about an alternate world history. Don’t worry, eventually everyone will be counting on you to save the world from evil…that’s for certain.

The folks from Playstation had this to say about the spot:

The brief was to create a promo outlining key moments in our ‘twisted’ history of the Resistance universe. Where most first-person shooters are based in either a Sci-fi or World War II context, Resistance blends the two with a story set in an alternative version of the 20th Century. In this reality WWII never happened and there was no Nazi enemy. Instead, humanity is threatened by brutal invaders, the Chimera. And the situation is looking desperate… [source]

The transitions in this movie are absolutely stunning!

Here are the credits:

Client: Sony Playstation – Resistance 2
Title: Twisted History
Production Company: Logan
Creative Director: Alexei Tylevich
Art Director: Kevin Stein
Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Producer: Frederic Liebert
Assistant Producer: Kyle Wright

VFX Supervisor: Stephan Kosinski
Lead Compositor: Benoit Vincent
Lead Compositor: Vincent Wauters

Design: Kevin Stein, Alexei Tylevich, Kenneth Robin
Animation: Shigeru Mizoi, Josh Cortopassi, Matthew Rotman, Sei Sato, Johnny Lum, Evan Parsons, James Wang
Modeling & texturing : Julien Brami, Terry Wang, Rumiko Yokoyama, Norris Houk, Cody Smith, Matt Foley
Character animation: Eric Lee
Compositing: Benoit Vincent, Vincent Wauters, Stephan Kosinski, Brinton Jaecks, Kevin Stein, James Wang
Lighting & rendering: Benoit Vincent, Vincent Wauters, Stephan Kosinski, Julien Forest, Josh Cortopassi

Editor: Volkert Besseling @ Mork&Lys
Flame: Brandon Sanders @ Mork&Lys

Audio & Video Manager: Dan Bardino
Sound Design: Joanna Orland, Stephen O’Callaghan
Music: Alastair Lindsay
Motion Graphics: Nigal Raymond


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