Sprint – Pants or No Pants (aka Agency Life)

I really love this new commercial from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Sprint. It embodies everything that reminds me of life at an advertising agency. From the nit-picking clients, frazzled designers all the way to the stubborn directors, this is it. My favorite part is how they tell the client that adding pants to the character will cost them an extra million dollars… classic!

The credits sheet on this one is HUGE, so rather than talk about each individual in paragraph format, I’m going to opt for a list at the end of this post. Some people to pull out though are probably the most obvious. The Farrelly Brothers are perfect in this mini-glimpse into the daily lives of Hollywood + Advertising production teams. Rus Chaeo and Kevin Koller were the Copywriter/AD team for this piece, so I have to call attention to their role in this spot along with the folks from Semerad for their work on the animated Happy The HedgeHog. Great work guys!


Client: Sprint
Title: Pants or no Pants
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Co-Chairman/Creative Director: Rich Silverstein
Group/Assoc. Creative Directors: Franklin Tipton, Paul Stechschulte
Art Director: Kevin Koller
Copywriter: Rus Chao
Producer: Rachel Seitel
Executive Producer: Josh Reynolds
Production Company: Caviar Content, LA/Brussels/Amsterdam
Director: Peter Farrelly
DP: Matthew Leionetti
Line Producer: Jasper Thomlinson
Exec Producer: Michael Sagol
Editorial Company: HutchCo Technologies, Los Angeles
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Asst. Editor: Steve Miller
Editorial Producer: Jane Hutchins
Telecine: Company 3, Los Angeles
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Audio Post Company: Lime Studios, Los Angeles
Audio Engineer: Loren Silber
Final Online: Riot, Los Angeles
Flame Artist: Joey Brattesani
VFX Company (Happy the Hedgehog): Semerad, New York
CD/Lead Inferno Artist: Johnnie Semerad
VFX Producer: Tyler Jarrett, Lana Fehretdinov
VFX Executive Producer: Carey Gattyan
CG Artists: Chris Bernier, Tim Kim, Anderson Ko, Sandor Toledo
Music Company: Beacon Street Studios, Venice, CA
Music Producer: Adrea Lavezzolli
Graphics Company (End Titles): Roger, Los Angeles
GFX Creative Director: Mark Yamamoto
GFX Producers: Sarah Cole, Judy Bowers

UPDATE: Arlan Jay Vetter was the Production Designer for this spot.


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  1. Great commercial! -which is in all of the movie theatres. Kristin Carey is great as the Sherry Lansing type studio head. And, the Farrelly brothers are the Farrelly Brothers. Cool spot!

  2. Saw this in the Theatre before a movie, we were all laughing. Great commerical!

  3. oh yeah, this commercial is just as painful as the stop sign video. Great spot.

  4. My kids LOVE this spot! It’s awesome! We’ve seen it a few times in the movie theater. Most importantly, the message hits home in a fun realistic way of day-to-day decisions on the sound stages of big movie studios. Bravo to Sprint and all of those credited! Now, we want to see another one in the sequel…

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