Stella Artois – The Race

Over the past two years, Stella Artois has consistently impressed me with their advertising campaigns. Whether it’s the work airing here in North America or any of the campaigns found across Europe, there is always something clever about the creative that they use.

In this piece we watch two Italian brothers fight to win a tandem bike race as a tribute to the memory of their father. After disaster strikes, they find themselves faced with a challenging decision, continue the race after fixing their tire or retire to the bar for a pint. You can guess which option they choose, complete with an ending that leaves you smiling.

This ad was conceptualized by Christina Yu and Joseph Bonnici from Lowe London & Lowe Roche, Toronto (With Ben Roberts as the Agency Producer).

Dougal Wilson directed this piece for Blink, London with Ciska Faukner as the Producer and Jan Velicky as the DOP. MPC, London was the post production house with telecine by Jean Clement. Tom Harding was the VFX Supervisor for the work done by Michael Gregory.


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  1. those guys are French, not Italians – please :)

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