Strongbow – Bowtime

Here’s a great new spoof on a memorable scene from Braveheart promoting Stongbow cider. Even day-workers need an inspirational speech every now and then…and this provides just that.

Produced by Benji Howell from Outsider, London along with St Luke’s, London. James Rouse was the Director for this piece with Julian Vizard, Alan Young, Enrique Reija, Borja Alvaraz and Tim Collins as the creatives.


Agency: St Luke’s, London
Creatives: Julian Vizard, Alan Young, Enrique Reija, Borja Alvaraz, Tim Collins
Agency Producer: Jessie Middleton
Production Company: Outsider, London
Director: James Rouse
Producer: Benji Howell
DP: Alex Melman
Editing House:
Editor: Art Jones @ Work Post
Post-Production: MPC/London


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