T-Mobile Disses AT&T In Latest Commercial

T-Mobile slaps AT&T around in their latest commercial for the new myTouch 4G with video chat powered by Qik.

Quoting their tagline:

T-Mobile’s new myTouch 4G does things an iPhone 4 on AT&T’s network can’t. For starters, you can video chat right away no Wi-Fi required.


Ouch. I do wonder though how T-mobile would hold up if they suddenly had the number of subscribers that Verizon and AT&T currently have (more than double their current market share), the sheer amount of data being transferred over the network would most likely cripple their ability to serve 4G speeds as promoted.

Then again, if the rumors are true about the iPhone being released in early 2011 for Verizon we’ll soon be able to see a live test of whether or not AT&T’s network is truly bush-league or simply a victim of the cell-phone technology upgrading faster than their bandwidth capabilities. It’s estimated that such a deal would find AT&T potentially losing up to one million subscribers to a Verizon iPhone, that’s a whole lot of smart-phone users switching carriers in a short period of time, let’s hope Verizon can handle it.


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