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Yours truly here at was just listed on the top 27 advertising blogs by bloggers under 27. A big thank you goes out to all of you guys for making this a popular destination for advertising punditry as well as to Julian Cole, the awesome Aussie who painstakingly updates the list every week. Thanks Jules!


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Here’s the latest from GQ, giving us a checklist for what being the “ideal man” would entail. This was produced to promote the No. 1 issue of the new French version of the American magazine. Pretty funny. From the exaggerated running form in “Graceful” to my personal favorite transition being “Sensual” to “Likes Animals” to “A bit like De Niro.” The ad ends letting us all know that sorry ladies, “The perfect man doesn’t exist…His magazine, Maybe. GQ”
All in all this is probably the best spot for a men’s magazine i’ve seen to date. It appeals to both crowds in its clever usage of humor and wit. I will say this though, the spot doesn’t have any of the feel of the actual magazine (yes I’ll admit I subscribe to GQ), but then again, who cares, it’s fun to watch.

The spot was created by DDB, Paris and directed by Les Minis Vegas (MiniVegas).
Alexandre Hervé and Sylvain Thirache were the CDs with both Sophie Megrous and Julie Mathiot producing this piece (Fabien Teichner was the copywriter). La Pac, Paris was the production company used for this spot.

Like most spots that go the humor route, it makes you wish you were a part of the crew. [somewhat risque content below the fold… be warned]
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Redesign of is completeSo I guess this is step one, admiting you have a problem.

I, Brent, have officially redesigned….. for the 13.2nd time. This time I think it might stick.

This is more of a place for me to keep all my current projects/conspiracy theories/photos than an actual, regularly updated site. But you never know, I may get inspired to write the great American novel in the form of a blog, so check back every now and then for updates.

In the meantime, please do not feed the monkeys while they’re working, the rising cost of oil has raised the price of bannanas and I can no longer afford to pay them overtime. Watch out for the ones wearing red sweaters… they’re the mean bastards.


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