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After being silent for 94 years Mr. Peanut, the beloved spokesperson & icon for snack nut brand Planters, is now featured in two stop-motion commercials just in time for the holiday season. Produced by BEING, USA along with Smuggler and Laika/house both spots feature Robert Downey, Jr as the voice of Mr. Peanut.

Here’s the second piece to be released in the campaign – Greeting Cards:

Here’s a making-of video:

You can find out more via the official Mr.Peanut Facebook page.


Advertising Agency: BEING, USA
Creative Directors: Kris Wixom, Alisa Sengel Wixom
Copywriters: Jonathan Marshall, Josh DiMarcantonio
Art Director: Eric Stevens
Senior Producer, Media Arts: David Fisher
Production Company: SMUGGLER
Partners / Executive Producers: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody
Executive Producers: Allison Kunzman, Lisa Rich
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Producer: Sally Humphries
Production Company: LAIKA/house
Supervising Animation Director: Mark Gustafson
CD/Animation Director: Kirk Kelley
President/EP: Lourri Hammack
Producers: Colin Thacher
Director of Photography: Eric Adkins
Editor: Michael Corrigan
Music: Stimmung
Sound Design: Sound Lounge
Engineer: Phil Loeb
Asst. Engineer: Evan Mangianele


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If you caught last weeks Monday Night Football you probably witnessed part of a new Nike campaign from Wieden + Kennedy called BOOM. Yes, you read that correctly….first they tell us to Just Do we must BOOM. So far the one shown above with Rick Ross has been the ‘talk of the town’ as far as being the current favorite. Also if you go to the youtube page for each of the clips the comments get pretty funny for a few of them (I’ve posted the rest of the spots in the campaign at the bottom of the post).

Now I was going to make a wise-crack about how if they really wanted to Boom all they’d need are some tips from the Flight of the Conchords (Brit’s the boom king after-all), but alas, a user commenting on a related Adfreak post already beat me to it (touché). But for any of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, or even how to correctly “Boom,” hopefully the following instructional video will help:

Flight of the Conchords – BOOM:

And now for the rest of the spots in the campaign (Bo Jackson even makes a cameo in one of them…and let’s not forget that Bo Knows Football)… i’m sure there are more in queue for this campaign and your best chance at seeing them live will be every Monday night at half-time.
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Here are two of the latest spots from Southwest Airlines and GSD&M Idea City which are part of their Bags Fly Free campaign that has been running for most of this year. While some of the spots in this campaign have been hit-or-miss in my opinion, I’ve come to enjoy seeing the various incarnations of this series pan out. While some of that is due to the light-hearted humor used in practically every piece, a much larger contributing factor to why I enjoy these spots is because the agency has been able to turn a company who’s widely known as harvesting a culture of putting both it’s employees and customers first and exaggerating it to the point of playfulness. I’m willing to bet that the team who came up with the campaign has a well worn (probably heavily dog-eared) copy of the book Nuts! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success somewhere in the planning department.

While the book comes across as being a slightly exaggerated account of how the company operates (i.e. the recent Union disagreements within the company vs. one of the core company values brought up by the author as the ‘secret to their success’), it does stress the idea that if they treat their employees well, there will be a ripple effect resulting in a high-level of job satisfaction and in turn customer appreciation. For those not familiar with the history of the brand and it’s ability to maintain a profit while competing airlines were requiring bailouts, this might serve as a brief glimpse into that company culture. Plus they couldn’t make it any more clear that bags fly free – something that most travelers often forget until it’s too late and their already at the terminal. Below you’ll find the second new piece in the series named, We’ve Got A Runner.

Southwest Airlines – We’ve Got A Runner:


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