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Here’s an interesting new online campaign for the Toyota Corolla featuring kung-fu fighting mutant cats. The first piece of the three part series, 9 Lives and Counting, shows us an action packed heist and the resulting high-speed getaway. No worries though, the second and third installments in the series should be released soon using equally bad puns for titles: Landing on All Fours and The Sound the Furry.

There’s an animated novel for the campaign as well as other goodies related to the series over on their website, so go check it out if you’re interested. This was all produced by Publicis Mojo out of Melbourne, Australia.

The campaign, according to the agency:

Tells the story of a kitten headed hero who battles a gang of feral baddies.The ambitious production was a combination of very well rehearsed fighting sequences, and real, cuddly kitten heads. source

I’m interested in seeing how the rest of the story plays out after watching this spot. I thought the VFX was outstanding. I even liked how he took care of the workers by distracting them with a moving light, clever.


Agency: Publicis Mojo, Melbourne
Creative Director: Micah Walker
Art Director: Michael Spirkovski
Copywriter: Grant McAloon
Agency Producer: Jasmin Ferguson
Production Company: Exit Films, Melbourne
Director: Garth Davis
Producer: Karen Sproul
Digital Creative Director: Joel Thomson
Lead Creative: Clint Nielsen
Lead Developer: Hugh Campbell
Digital Producer: Julia Prior
Post Prodcution: Animal Logic– Colin Renshaw
Music: Level 2 Music- Carl Ricter
Sound Mix: Nylon


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Here’s a recent one coming out of Toronto for the new A4 by Audi. Created by Patrick Shing and Rob Sturch from Lowe Roche, Toronto this short clip is aptly named “Tunnel.” Jen Mete was the Agency Producer and featured Steve Mottershead from Untitled, Toronto as the Director. Music and SFX was by Vapor.

Short and sweet, just like the spot.


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Here a unique new spot from Mercedes-Benz showing us a young boy who’s learned how to manipulate his mother’s suitors for his own benefit. We’re first given this poor sap who’s trying desperately to impress the child while on a dinner date with his mother, only to find that he is quickly told exactly how their relationship was going to work-out (or not) – The Benz for the Mom.

Cute at first, then undeniably creepy… what more would you expect from a Germany agency named Jung von Matt/Spree?

Sebastian Strasser from @radical media was the director of this commercial with Christiane Dressier as the Executive Producer (Stefan Vollmert was the standard Producer). Post-Producer was done by NHB Hamburg (with Jan Velicky as the DP).


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