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I just wanted to thank everyone who graciously donated to the Mustaches for Kids charity drive I was recently a part of to benefit! After a mix-up with donation links, it turns out the majority of donations (especially based off the business cards handed out at Affiliate Summit West) went to the general fund, though thanks to a few emails I’ve been able to track down all donations which didn’t fall under my ‘link.’ So here’s the list of donators who wished to be named along with any URL provided (surprisingly the majority were either anonymous donations or asked not to be mentioned). But to the rest of you, enjoy the backlink (this is a PR 5 site after-all)!

Also, if I have your mailing address you should be expecting a written ‘thank you’ note from me in the next few days and a select few will also be getting my ‘real business card’ along with it (for explanation checkout my ASW thread).

You guys really pulled through and made a big difference in the lives of some lucky public school children. Thanks!
The short list of folks who rock harder than the ending to Freebird:


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