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Demand Media IPO

From the AuthorityLabs blog

Ever wonder how some of the webs most popular content driven sites do financially? Here’s an infographic pulled together by the folks over at AuthorityLabs which breaks down Demand Media, their holdings, how much they pay their freelance writers per article and best of all, the profitability behind the reported 5,700 articles & posts that are published daily on their network of high-profile sites like, and (to name just a few).

As reported by Demand Media, out of their network of over 10,000 freelance content creators, the average price per article is only a meager $15. Folks, that’s NOTHING! With around 86 million unique visitors per month (totaling around 550 million page views after re-visits) this means that those $15 posts are drawing in so much traffic that they’re able to generate an insane amount of capital, from both advertising networks as well as strategic partners who pay for the targeted traffic views.

According to their estimates, the content network alone is worth roughly $650 million dollars, and when combined with the rest of their holdings (including liquid assets around 33 million), it makes Demand Media a $1.83 billion dollar content network.

….and to think I was happy just being able to pay for the hosting fees from the meager ads on this website, damn!


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Came across this little gem the other day and just had to repost it. It’s the internet, as seen through the eyes of Dante’s The Divine Comedy….I give you: Dante’s Internet.

via ForeverGeek.


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