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In celebration of last night’s season finale of Mad Men, here’s a pretty good cover of the theme song (which is A Beautiful Mine by RJD2) performed live with a full band.

From the creators:

We loved the song “A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2 that plays during the opening credits of “Mad Men.” We wanted to put lyrics to it and realized that “Nature Boy” made famous by Nat King Cole, and written by eden ahbez, was the perfect fit. This was filmed in one take (this one, specifically, happened to be take 29 of the day)…no cuts, dubbing, lip-syncing or auto-tuning.

Vocalist: Allison Williams
Director: Ralph Arend
DP: Vincent Peone
Editor: Ralph Arend
Composer: Jay Wadley
Sound Mixer: Raphael
Producer: Josh Ruben
Producer: Erika Hampson
Line-Producer: Nick Uhas
Gaffer: Corey Fontana
Grip: Jason Beasley
Grip: Leo Schott
AC: Andrew Brinkman
DIT: Kali Riley
PA: Roland Da Rold
PA: Suzie Jozkowski
PM: Jordan Hall/Elefant Films
Art Director: Andy Myers
Flute: Roberta Michel
Celeste: Trevor Gureckis
Violin 1: Pauline Kim
Violin 2: Marissa Licata
Viola: Meena Bhasin
Cello: Jessie Marino
Bass: Zack Lober
Drums: Colin Stranahan
Bongos: Jay Wadley

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In a clever full-brand media buy, AMC’s Mad Men have taken over the homepage & archive sections in it’s entirety. I don’t know which side approached the other first for this promotion but it was a smart move on Playboy’s part. Not only does the brand have a high distinction with the era but caters to the stereotypical fan of the award-winning television series set in the early 1960’s New York. Some of the content promoted on the themed redesign include photos of the cast ‘frolicking’ with bunnies on the Playboy lawn in addition to articles revisiting actual Playboy content from the era. With the season premier just around the corner AMC seems to be pulling out all the stops in preparation. Other promotions include, a website allowing visitors the ability to create their own custom Mad Men avatars, a Bananna Republic casting call for user-submitted photos of your best Mad Men attire and also Mad Men themed events all around New York city.

If you’re in the least bit interested in catching the unique redesign of, you might want to check it out soon as it’s only supposed to last for today only (Monday, Aug. 10th).


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Mad Men and Twitter Reunited

Good news for all you Mad Men fans, you’re favorite stars are back on Twitter!

Apparently AMC, acting on advice from their interactive agency Deep Focus, has changed their minds and allowed to reactivate their accounts. I’m willing to bet that the “advice” given involved a lot of yelling, sighs and forehead hitting. Congratulations saved your client from alienating their brand from the very customers who were evangelizing it.

You can read about AMC’s initial decision to have suspend the fan-created accounts on my earlier post found here.

Thanks go out to Silicon Alley Insider and Daniel Terdiman from cnet for the update.

Welcome back Don & Peggy!


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