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This is one of the coolest outdoor exhibits i’ve seen in a long time…I only wish it wasn’t all the way in London so I could see it up close in person.

This is the HP ePrint & Tron: Legacy Experience live projection mapping on the roof of the QEH on London’s Southbank. It was created with 6x18k projectors onto a massive projection canvas that was somewhere in the ballpark of 50m wide by 20m tall. An 8k D&B sound rig provided the killer audio taken from snippets of the movie soundtrack (Written and Recorded by none other than Daft Punk).

Here’s an overhead shot to get a better gauge of the massive scale of this audio/video exhibit:
The roof of the QEH with the Tron projection mapping

Creative shop Guided Collective along with Flat-e/Seeper (who did the animation & projection mapping) and Si Begg (responsible for the sound design & re-hashed elements from the Tron:Legacy OST).

More pics can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/icJ3mm
A much shorter trailer for the project can be seen here: http://vimeo.com/17283195


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Snickers - Movember 2010 Billboard

Well folks, we’re almost a week into Movember so I thought i’d share a recent billboard produced by Colenso BBDO, Auckland for Snickers to help promote Movember and Prostate Cancer Research. If you haven’t heard of it before, Movember’s a great charity that started a few years ago in Melbourne, Australia but is now international with over 255k members participating. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who sign up for the event try to raise donations by participating in mustache-related promotions, antics as well as parties & events. Last year alone we raised over $42 million during the charity drive and this year we’ll hopefully push past $50m. The rules are simple – You start out on November 1st clean-shaven and aren’t allowed to shave (minus mustache related trimmings) for the entire month. It’s a whole lot of fun not to mention it benefits a great cause.

If you’re in the charitable mood I encourage you to donate a couple of bucks (even a $2 donation would be put to good use!) at my Movember Donation Station. Thanks!


Client: Mars
Agency:Colenso BBDO, Auckland

Nick Worthington ( Executive Creative Director)
Steve Cochran ( Creative Director)
sarah Longworth ( Art Director)
Mick Stalker ( Copywriter)
Rob Linkhorn ( Producer)
Kevin Hyde ( Retoucher)


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We’re no stranger to luxury car manufacturers using advertising to taunt or even challenge their competitors head on, but here’s a recent example that I stumbled across on the 37 Signals blog that made me laugh.

Apparently Audi had installed an outdoor billboard over-looking part of Santa Monica, CA, as part of their latest campaign to promote the recently re-designed 2009 A4 with the tagline,

“Your Move BMW”

Well, either a savvy local dealer or a quickly placed media buy by BMW’s ad agency presented commuters with a move to trump Audi’s public challenge. As seen above, the BMW billboard shows a simple photo of their M3 sports sedan with the simple response of:



Audi – Don’t just take this from them sitting down, fight back! They’re using their sport model in comparison to your standard model – How about replacing that original ad with a photo of your upcoming RS5 model or better yet, show that sexy 2009 RS6 with it’s V10 engine! The tag-line almost writes itself – “You sure about that?” or even a tongue-in-cheek taunt like “Hey BMW, meet the new RS6 – Welcome to OUR game.”

I almost feel like a school-kid chanting “fight! fight! fight!” but with a witty answer like BMW provided, it’d only be fair for a rebuttal from Audi…so let’s see it!


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