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Saturday Link Frenzie

6 Career Tips from Jeremiah Owyang. – Great advice for anyone, even those who find themselves in that grey area of not knowing what career path to take.

New Ways To Find Business Mentors from GeekPreneur. Some tips on how to find successful entrepreneurs who are willing to lend a helping hand/give advice.

Pixar’s Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation – A great article on how Pixar tries to keep their employees in a constant state of collaboration, including having the bathrooms centralized to help avoid the emergence of workplace segmentation.

Zivity hires Napster Co-founder Jordan Ritter as CTO – this should be interesting – sleazy executive finally lands the gig he’s been waiting for… a fully-funded soft-core porn startup.

How To Get A Job In Venture Capital – Interesting follow-up to a previous article on how to break into the funding side of the business.

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