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A “serious” documentary that came out where they essentially took all their assumptions based on loosely watching groups in Africa and produced this gem… gem i mean it makes you want to say “Reaaallly?! This was green-lighted by someone funding it?” Yeah, they’re so way off reality its actually funny though. Gotta love the British voice-over though… makes it even worse when you listen to what he’s saying.. lol

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WOW. Now this is how you cover songs… you make it your own. Plus you play it with a full band on a street corner. The band playing is Set Sail covering Little Lion Man originally by Mumford & Sons.
Came across this on a great covers blog called Copy Cats. Anyhow, here’s a quote from someone there:

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I saw this band busking on the street in May, and bought their EP after 10 minutes. I don’t particularly like Mumford & Sons, but loved this cover.

Yeah i would have too. enjoy


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This comes to us from Mike Monteiro, the co-founder and Design Director of Mule Design Studio (, during his speech at the San Francisco Chapter of Creative Mornings.
Just watch it… you know you feel the same way.


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