Tango – Save Tango

I’ve never actually had a Tango before, but after watching this clip you can be sure that I’ll try one next time I’m overseas…that is, if it’s still around by the time I get there. The UK soda brand just launched this campaign in an effort to “Save Tango.” Apparently it’s under threat by smoothie and gourmet coffee companies. They’ve even put up a microsite for the campaign over at www.savetango.co.uk.

Created by BBH London for the orange soft-drink brand, this embodies everything that I love about British humor – spontaneous bad dancing, sex puns and a blatant disregard for child labor laws.

Funny as hell if you ask me.

Richard McGrann and Andy Clough were the agency creatives behind this spot with Ben Gregor as the Director from Knucklehead.


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