The 2008 Angela Natividad USA Tribute Tour

So if your job has anything even remotely to do with advertising, social media, marketing, PR, porn, blah blah blah.. quiet honestly, you could shovel sh*t for a living and you would still fall under the target group for ad:tech NYC. Now I don’t mean that as an insult, in fact, it’s quite the compliment. From Andrew the As*hole Agency Acount Exec, Peter the Paper Salesman, Ian the Interactive Shop Owner to even folks like Dave the Ingenious Database Management Software Owner who used delicious pie & warm coffee to keep his booth crowded throughout the shows, they all can be found at an ad:tech conference. Heck, ad:tech NYC is even a great time for those ‘average american types’ like Joe the Plumber thanks to the non-stop corporate sponsored parties that everyone goes to each night.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the ad:tech writing/blogging team for the last few conferences, and needless to say, I am pretty bummed out that I’m missing what I’ve been told is the best (if not then it’s second only to the SF version) ad:tech party thrown each year. Now that’s saying a lot seeing how there are eleven of them all over the globe…. they’ve even got one in Shanghai, and everyone knows

there ain’ no party like a shanghai party!

While Angela and Steve have been partying it up in NYC the past few days, you may or may not have noticed that the AdRants blog was still being updated. Well, I don’t know about you but I didn’t even think twice about it until I saw this poll from the other day which reminded me that Bill Green from Make The Logo Bigger is acting as a fill-in writer while the AdRants team goes out and gets pampered by companies hoping for positive write-ups (btw guys, it’s called payola for a reason..that 256 meg flash drive you gave us with a wink won’t help you…. a company called PayPal will.)

AdRants Poll

Two small things to point out though Bill:

  • 1. Steve doesn’t get stuck taking pictures of drunk SEO dudes…SEO dudes take photos of Steve when he’s drunk
  • 2. Angela doesn’t put up with crap from just any ‘ol drunk SEO slob……had i been able to attend she’d probably only get stuck listening to me

That being said I have to hand it to Bill, I’ve been reading his guest posts on the site for the last two days and can barely even distinguish any change in tone/style/language. Let me show you what I mean: The following are three legitimate blog post titles from AdRants. Without cheating (or posting the answer if you’re the original writer) try to guess who wrote which post: Angela Natividad, Steve Hall, or Make The Logo Bigger’s Bill Green:

See what I mean? For the correct answers just click on the links and you’ll be taken to the original posts. These are three folks you can always count on for quality material. It’s people like Bill who will give you the raw, “Is it really considered racism if it’s funny?” articles, Angela for the pseudo-feminist post that’ll start out like a rant but will quickly turn into just another gratuitous display of All-American T&A… and then there’s Steve. For years his site has been heralded as the one place you could go to on any given day and you’d be sure to find ad campaigns with half-naked women, one “except for a couple hundred post-it-notes this is a completely naked woman” post (i actually couldn’t find the link.. steve?), or even the occasional “hey check out this foreign ad, it has a completely naked chick in it… no really.. completely naked” post. Sigh Advertising.

Now in case you were wondering what the deal is with the title of this post, it is because Steve Hall’s partner in crime, Angela Natividad (shown below), will be leaving us shortly to move to some far off tiny hamlet in France.

Angela Natividad - Blogging

I don’t remember the exact story that she told me when we were in Chicago, but I think it had something to do with waking up one day and realizing that living in Europe was the only way that she could get Steve to pay her to cover the European ad:tech shows………well at least I ‘think’ that was the story… we’d been drinking so I may be getting it confused with one of her many pro-communist/anti-establishment rants that she was taught while at school at Berkeley… so who knows?

Either way, I’m jealous that you guys are there without me……now if only I can find a client who will pay for me to fly out to the Sydney ad:tech, I think it’d be a great spot for a group reunion.

One last comment about ad:tech before I end this early morning post – I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets/blog comments asking who’s responsible for the ridiculously large collection of conference photos that go up on flickr each day. Well, typically they come from Steve…but then again, we’re all photo dorks once we’ve gotten a few drinks in us:

Photo Dorks Being Photo Dorks

Camera Fun

Uhhh ohhhh

brent terrazas adtech photographer

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  1. If this post rises like cream to the top of my vanity search results, I will be so. cross. with. you.

  2. Adrants—“Come for the All-American T&A—stay for the non-racist posts.”


  3. Angela-
    No worries, on purpose i worded it so the only place where i’ll rank higher than you will be if anyone ever does a search for an Angela Natividad USA Tribute Tour….which u gotta admit would be pretty funny.

    Bill – you and i have been sharing posts long enough to be able to shed that kind of foolish talk. Most of our visitors come for the racism but stay for the T&A…that or the completely random, off-topic posts that always have that strange hint of poor grammar that makes you wonder if the writer was drunk while posting.
    (for those of you joining us for the first time, if it’s before 11am, then the answer to that last question is ‘yes’… anytime after 2pm and we’re technically not drunk, we’re just in ‘advertising.’

    cheers you two,

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