The Beatles: Rock Band Trailer

David Griner from over at AdFreak just posted the trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band which is scheduled to come out on 9.09.09 (you can view a killer High-Def. version of it on their website) as a continuation of their successful line of other band-specific video game releases…and I have to say that this might finally mean it’s time for me to join the masses and buy the damn setup. Talk about a great job putting together a trailer for a video game! By the way, this trailer was directed by Pete Candeland, famous director of (amongst other things) the music videos for band The Gorillaz as well as the previous two Rock Band releases.

In this version you set out following the career path of The Beatles, starting with early on in the group’s history and leading you through their illustrious career unlocking new venues & songs in the chronological order that they were actually released. It also looks like they’ve dressed up the cut-scenes and instrument panel more so than the previous ACDC, Metallica and Aerosmith releases.

Anyhow, I thought some of you might like to see this clip if you haven’t already. I think it’s pretty cool where the technology is headed in the next few years, even further bridging the gap between in-game story lines and user interaction.

If you’re looking for more game footage, check this link out –


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