The Natural Confectionary Company – Pineapple Trumpet Playing Bears

This is a clever new campaign for Cadbury Schweppes owned sweets manufacturer The Natural Confectionery Company. It’s what would happen if you let a 10 year old with an over-developed sense of reality do the voice-over for his gummy-bears. Pretty funny if you ask me. The one shown above is named Raphael and we’re introduced to one hard dinosaur-head-ripping-off bear, or so he’ll have you believe. The other two in the set involve an army of mumbling pineapples and a trumpet loving gummy treat.

Bring on the trumpets!

Having never been to Australia, this is actually the first time that I’ve heard about this brand. Apparently their jellies are the most popular jelly product on Australian supermarket shelves [source]. Cool.

What’s a shame about this brand is their utter lack of interactive presence. If you visit their website you will think that you’ve somehow transported back to 1990 and are visiting a Geocities page made by your niece. Get with the times guys! You’re owned by Cadbury Schweppes, the least you could do is update your website, heck, get Cadbury to have the folks that did theirs design you one as well!

Matt Keon from Fallon, London was the Creative for this campaign with Gemma Knight as the Agency Producer. Tom Kuntz from MJZ was the Director with Neil Jordan as the Production Company Producer.

The other two, Trumpets and Mumble can be found below the fold:

The Natural Confectionery Company – Trumpets:

The Natural Confectionery Company – Mumble:


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  1. Bring on the trumpets…haha…trumpets!!!!!

  2. really creative, anything with gummy type bears is appreciated :)

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