Tornado Hits Atlanta and Hates Our Advertising

tornados don't like advertising in atlanta
[here’s a close-up of the actual ad it didn’t like]

As some of you may know, I live here in Atlanta, GA. The part of town I currently reside in is right between downtown and an area called Cabbagetown (I live in Inman Park). Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the news at all you would have learned that we had a tornado hit us last night…. well, it landed right on top of where I live. I’m ok, my actual complex did not sustain any noticeable damage, however I went out this morning with my camera and took a bunch of shots so that I could show the aftermath. The shot above was one of the first that I took, as it was a billboard that found itself about five blocks from where it use to be…..which leads me to believe that tornados hate advertising… either that or it never got to review the piece before it went into production… tornados HATE it when that happens.

The only reason for the delay in uploading the photos was the fact that my power was just turned back on (it is around 1:30pm EST), and has been out since 10PM last night. With a lot of businesses closed due to the tornado, including the Starbucks where I was hoping to have been able to use their wifi/power plugs, that didn’t give me many options. So now that I’m back online, I’ve quickly comprised a collection of photos and uploaded them to my photo gallery and flickr account. You can view them both here:

Tornado Damage in Atlanta at Cotton Mill Lofts

The worst hit were the Georgia Dome, which you can’t get anywhere near right now, and a loft complex just a few blocks away (close enough to view from my balcony). Here’s a side-view of the complex and the damage that the tornado did to it. By the way, what you can’t see is that it actually drilled straight down through the building and actually hit the basement. Luckily it was a building that was being remodeled so no one was currently living in it, however all of the other buildings next door were beaten down by the storm leaving Cabbagetown full of debris and downed trees. That and a lot of people woke-up to find their roof in their neighbors front yard.

Tornado Damage Displacing Roofs In Atlanta


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