Visa – Go World – Michael Phelps Commercials

Visa and TBWA\Chiat\Day’s creation, Go World< /em>, has been a widely talked about campaign celebrating Team USA in this years Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China. The most talked about of this series has been three commercials centered around Team USA swimmer Michael Phelps.

Visa first had a Michael Phelps spot as part of their over-all Go World campaign that was nothing out-of-the-ordinary compared to others in the series (as shown above). However after Michael Phelps won his 10th Gold Medal on August 12th in the 200 meter Freestyle, it made him a world-record holder for most Gold Medals won. No one in the history of the world has ever won as many Olympic Gold Medals as Michael Phelps has. To celebrate, immediately after airing Michael Phelps’ victory in the 200 Meter Freestyle, Visa aired a promo congratulating him on his accomplishments.
As Morgan Freeman narrates:

Congratulations Michael, on having won more gold medals than anybody…ever.

Visa – Go World – Michael Phelps – Congratulations:

TBWA\Chiat\Day has mentioned that the idea of a Visa ad commemorating the victory (if it happened) was something that they had conceptualized “as early as April.” They had already purchased the media in case they could use the concept even. Great job, especially for having to turn around the footage into a spot in less than 24 hours!

Shortly after that though, Michael Phelps shattered yet another world record by winning the 4X100 Meter Medley Relay, securing his 8th Gold Medal for the 2008 Summer Olympics. That’s more Gold Medals than anyone has ever won in any single Olympics! To celebrate, Visa aired the following spot shortly after showing his record-breaking performance.
Morgan Freeman once again narrates:

One Gold Medal is amazing. Two is, well, incredible. Three, practically unbelievable. But eight? Eight Gold Medals? Thats… thats, well, we’re going to need some new adjectives for whatever that is. Congratulations Michael.

Visa – Go World – Michael Phelps – 8 Gold Medals


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