Volkswagen’s Backseat Driver’s Manual – Jetta Version

I found this insert in a magazine the other day and was pleasantly amused. It’s the Jetta Official Backseat Driver’s Manual. The guide then goes on to inform us that “Being a backseat driver is not a right. It’s a privilege. And a responsibility.” It not only resembles an official looking manual, but also includes a quiz and an official backseat drivers license at the end(complete with a spot to affix your own photo).

Done by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, I would have liked to have seen some more content related to this(where’s the website!?). Click HERE to view scans of each of the pages. Very clever, I am looking forward to seeing the other books in the “Designed For Funf” series (this one claims to be “book one”).

If this is looking familiar, you may recall that they did a magazine insert for the mini that let you use the page as a stencil to draw your own “modified” ride.

I wonder what the responsibilities of a passenger riding Hump will be?


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  1. thanks for the mail, brentter. that’s a really cool idea.

  2. The Backseat Driver’s Manual is a great concept … and would appear to have much greater potential — it could easily form the basis of a very strong and quirky viral campaign. I wonder if that was ever on the drawing board?

  3. I had actually seen this a few monthes ago at The NY Auto Show. VW was giving out goodybags based on the car you were interested in.

    This was in one of them and looked like official documentation and stuff. Only when I got it home did I take a closer look and notice it was a spoof.

  4. Thank you for Back Seat Drivers Manual and the License that goes with it.

  5. my son and i were reading this hilarius insert. unfortunaely, it got midplssced in the great “paper shuffle”. is there another copy that i might send for? please let me know. thanks for the laughs!!terri

  6. Where can I get this manual
    It looks like it would be fun for us.
    Thanks Colleen

  7. where can I get this manual in the Jacksonville, Fla. area

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