WPP’s Project Da Vinci Now Has New Name: Enfatico

enfatico logo

This morning WPP announced that the new agency they have been trying to build as part of their agreement with Dell, originally called Project Da Vinci, now has an official title………..

They’re calling it: (cue the drumroll)


From the press release:

“As a next generation agency with a diverse mix of marketing services and talent – all uniquely orchestrated to drive value for Dell and future clients – we believe Enfatico effectively captures what makes us distinct,” commented agency CEO Torrence Boone.

Well Mr. Boone, you’ve got one thing right… that name definitely makes you “distinct.” Way to come up with a name that sounds even worse than the original Project Da Vinci idea. It just reaks of a group of creatives that either gave up on the choosing a name and let the stoned intern have a shot at it, or you guys take yourselves waaaaaay too seriously.

good luck with that.


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