Xbox – Halo 3 (Starry Night)

Here’s the latest Xbox spot for the long-awaited Halo 3 release, done by McCann World Group : San Francisco(ECD’s: Rob Bagot + John McNeil). It was directed by Joseph Kosinski and produced by Carol Lynn Weaver for Anonymous Content(Culver City) with Digital Domain being responsible for the killer visual effects.

This spot debuted this past Monday during Monday Night Football (great media buy for this game genre btw). I like how it transitions from the interaction of two kids star-gazing to a glimpse at the apocalyptic future. It even comes complete with cheesy banter between soldiers thinking the main character is dead and the hero replying “not yet.”

Good new for the 14.5 million people who purchased Halo 1 + 2 – Microsoft plans on releasing a beta of the game sometime next year. That means you’ll be able to play the game over Xbox Live before the game even hits the stores. No speculation on what that will mean for retailers but for Microsoft/Bungie’s sake, I hope that they’ve coded another winner. Having the game flop in the pre-release beta would mean a hit in the number of pre-orders. With the recent release of Nintendo’s Wii and the Playstation 3, Microsoft can’t afford that kind of loss.