Zales Jewelers – String

Here is a touching new ad from Zales Jewelers coming out of good ‘ol Dallas, TX. Created by The Richards Group, this spot shows us a very clever way of asking your girlfriend if she will marry you. I liked this ad, it took a unique approach to conveying the emotions typically attached with being in love, the whole time still maintaining their brand objective (sell diamonds). Cheers!

Something cool about this spot is also the song that was used. It’s called Don’t Forget Love by Robert Francis and get this, was an original romantic ballad written specifically for this commercial. Nicole Dionne, CD and EP for PrimalScream Music had this to say about Robert:

I knew that Robert was the ideal choice to elicit the emotional overtones of the spot. He is an incredibly talented songwriter and his authentic, acoustic style perfectly captures the raw emotion and longing required to underscore the visuals.

Mike Duckworth and Terence Reynolds were the Copywriter/Art Director team from The Richards Group for this piece along with Agency Senior Producer David Rucker.

Ray Dillman from MJZ was the Director alongside Pieter Vermeer as the DP. Jeff Scrutin and Phillip Ruddy were the EP/Producer for the project.

Jack Waldrip from Charlie Uniform Tango was the Editor with Mary Alice Butler as the Editorial EP. Telecine was Co3 with Stefan Sonnenfield as the Colorist. Post Effects were also by Charlie Uniform Tango and featured Joey Waldrip as the Vfx/Interno Artist (Lola Lott was the EP). Scott Burton was the music producer for PrimalScream Music working with Sound Designer Scott Burton. Russel Smith did all the audio post work.


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